Friday, April 8, 2011

Bad Dates, Mildred Pierce, And Other Ramblings

In the play Bad Dates, the central character, Haley, relates a story about a film she watched - Mildred Pierce. She draws come parallels between her life and Mildred's. Oddly enough, Mildred Pierce is currently airing on HBO as a mini-series. The HBO production has a stellar cast - Kate Winslet (swoon) as Mildred, Guy Pierce (Memento) as Monty, her love interest, and Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler, True Blood) as Mildred's naughty daughter Veda. The production is directed by Todd Haynes (I'm Not There) and runs a total of five hours only on HBO. I found a couple of really interesting articles - one is an interview with Todd Haynes on why he chose to film this for HBO, and another is a great interview with Evan Rachel Wood, a talented young actress tackling a tough role.

And, on a lighter note, to get you in the mood for our production of Bad Dates, I've found a couple of websites for your viewing pleasure:

A Bad Case of the Dates - The story about the woman obsessed with orange soda made me laugh out loud.

My Very Worst Date - The tale of the Biker is truly outstanding.

And there is, of course, an app for that.

If you haven't seen the show yet (and you really should), we've been collecting some bad date stories from the audience and man oh man have we gotten some doozies. They're posted in the lobby so check them out.

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