Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun Facts About Post-it Notes

There's a bit in Wonderful World that has to do with Post-it Notes so we did some research into this seemingly ubiquitous office product and learned some fun stuff. Here goes, courtesy of the inventor, 3-M. 
- The Post-it Note was invented as a solution without a problem: In 1968 Dr. Spencer Silver developed a unique, repositionable adhesive, but the 3M scientist didn't know what to do with his discovery. Early ideas included a sticky bulletin board for temporary messages, or as a low-powered spray adhesive. Silver kept plugging away at the possibilities of this new glue, presenting it individually and during seminars.
Then, six years later, a colleague of Dr. Silver, Art Fry, remembered the light adhesive when he was daydreaming about a bookmark that would stay put in his church hymnal. The rest is history.
- Post-it Notes were introduced to the American market in 1980 by the 3M Company. 
- A Post-it Note weathered a flight from Las Vegas to Minneapolis on the nose of the plane. It endured speeds of 500 mph and temperatures as low as -56 degree Fahrenheit.
- In 1989 a family left a Post-it® Note on their front door during Hurricane Hugo and it was there 3 days later. Their trees weren’t. 


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  2. Isn't that a great way to phrase it? I had such fun digging that up - glad you enjoyed it too!