Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Show Must Close!

Closing a show is always a bittersweet thing. There's often a big sigh of relief because HOORAY! we all made it and it was wonderful and now we can go get some sleep! See family again! Do something fun and/or lazy on a Friday night! But there's often a sense of loss - we've spent time with our fellow cast mates and crew members for weeks on end and built a nice family. We've become attached to the characters we played and the story we told.

This can be doubly the case when the story is something personal, like the 2nd Stages shows that we produce here at the Dragon Theatre. Producer/translator/director Ana-Catrina Buchser asked if she could reflect on this as her production of The Star Without a Name moves into its final weekend. She wrote up her thoughts on her blog, Modicums of Inspiration, and I think it sums up what all theater people feel once a great show closes.

The cast of The Star Without a Name takes a bow

For those of you that act or do theatrical design - how do YOU feel once a show closes?

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