Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Story of Lo Speziale

For our production of Lo Speziale the production team has taken the original translation by Carlo Goldoni and updated it to connect the story to something contemporary - Breaking Bad. Here's OUR version of the story of Lo Speziale:

Sempronio is a middle aged meth cook who took in an orphaned young woman named Grilletta. Now that she is of a marriageable age, Sempronio is inspired by recent news, and decides that he will marry Grilletta to take control of her personal fortune. Sempronio, however, has two younger rivals - his apprentice Mengone and Volpino, a rich lawyer who is a regular customer. 


Mengone enters the lab, take a hit off his meth pipe, and falls into a drug induced haze in which he dreams... 


In the first scene we see Mengone as he mixes drugs while singing about how he hates his job. He knows nothing about chemistry and only works as an apprentice to Sempronio to be near Grilletta, who he's fallen in love with. 

Sempronio arrives 
and doesn't pay attention to Mengone - he seems more interested in reading the news than in making drugs. HIs favorite is a story about a drug dealer who married his ward. This inspires Sempronio to hurry up and marry Grilletta, much to Mengone's dismay. Enter Volpino with a fake order - he's really come to woo Grilletta. Volpino has noticed that Mengone also has a crush on Grilletta so he uses his visit to tease Mengone. While Mengone is busy making the drugs for Volpino's order, Volpino tries to seduce Grilletta, who is not interested and mocks Volpino's efforts. Volpino hates being teased and threatens to kill Mengone.

Once Volpino has left the shop, Grilletta finds herself alone with Mengone and flirts with him, since Mengone is the man Grilletta really wants.
Sempronio returns and cuts their flirtation short. Sempronio is once more engrossed with current events and mulls over an opportunity to take over territory from the Mexican cartels. Sempronio leaves once again to devise a plan, and Mengone and Grilletta get friskier. Sempronio catches them in a compromising pose and in a rage kicks them both out of the lab. 



Sempronio decides to marry Grilletta and end her flirtations once and for all. Sempronio sends for a notary to perform a civil marriage service.

Meanwhile, Grilletta has had just about enough of Mengone's inability to stand up for himself to Sempronio and ask for her hand in marriage so she decides she will marry the first man who
 proposes to her. Sempronio proposes and Grilletta reluctantly accepts, but only to push Mengone into action. 

The notary arrives - but it's Volpino in disguise! 
Then a second notary arrives - Mengone in disguise! Sempronio, not recognizing either of the two, asks them both to write a copy of a marriage contract. He dictates the contract, in which Grilletta is said to marry Sempronio by her own free will; the two fake notaries distort every word, and each puts his own name instead of Sempronio's. When the contract is written, Sempronio takes one copy, Grilletta the other and the whole fraud is discovered. Volpino and Mengone are then kicked out of the lab by Sempronio.



Sempronio receives a letter from Volpino, telling him that the cartels want to pay a lot of money for his superior blue meth. Mengone and Grilletta confess that they still love each other, and devise a plan to convince Sempronio to let them marry. Soon after, Volpino, disguised as a Mexican drug dealer, arrives to negotiate a major drug deal with Sempronio and the two celebrate their deal with "libations." After their celebration, Grilletta and Mengone convince Sempronio, who in incredibly high, to let them marry. Without realizing that the suitor is Mengone, Sempronio agrees thinking he is making a deal with the same Cartel Leader he just celebrated with. Volpino arrives back on the scene, confused to find that Grilletta is already married to someone else. Volpino finally gives up, and the young lovers smoke to their happy future. 

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