Friday, January 21, 2011

The Importance of Audience

Last night was the audience preview of Private Eyes. We had a BLAST. Audience is so very important to a show, and not just because they pay the bills. ;) The energy of everyone performing is affected by audience. For example - last night's audience was AWESOME. They laughed a lot, groaned at puns, booed and hissed, and were generally entertained (and were entertaining). I wish that audience was in the house every night! It was so energizing and rewarding to see all the hard work pay off - the actors were just bouncing with delight when they realized that people liked their show. We loved hearing people's comments about the play - people were talking about it at intermission and afterward trying to lay the whole thing out.

I left after doing the dishes exhausted but exhilarated - it was a great reminder of why we all do what we do, and that's put on something that is entertaining and thought provoking and interactive with people.

We're doing it again tonight at the official opening. Tonight's performance costs a little but more because the show is followed by the opening gala - there's champagne and snacks and you can meet the actors and director.

See you at the show!


  1. So true! Every gasp from the audience is such a treasure....

  2. Sorry I missed the Friday event! I had it marked as a "must go" .... I need to have a better way to alert me when these events happen. I do have the Dragon blog website bookmarked. Cheers ;-)

  3. Lessa - Absolutely. So worthwhile.

    Outsource Virus - Bummer! We had a good time - but it sold out! We're running the show till Feb. 13 so there's still plenty of time to come by and enjoy the show!