Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Review

Private Eyes has received three lovely press reviews. My mom asked me this week if reviews mattered. I think it depends on who you ask.

If you're an actor, not necessarily. A lot of actors that I know prefer to not read reviews. They don't want to be influenced away from the director's vision. Designers I think are different. I think it's always nice to see technical recognition as most people aren't aware that a lot of work goes into, say, lighting a show. And it is nice for the portfolio and getting future work.

If you're in the business of theatre, a good review is free press and a great way to get the word out that you have something special going on

Speaking of reviews though, one of the best reviews you can get is from audience members. If you've seen a show you loved, something you as an audience member can do to help is to spread the word. Go on Facebook and post a link to the show. Write a review on Yelp or Artsopolis. Write your own blog post about the show. These things all really do make a big difference. People like to hear about things that their friends like.

What are your thoughts on reviews? Do they influence you? If you're a techie or actor do you read them?

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  1. As an actor(and one in the current production), it means more to me to have an audience member say something nice about the show or a particular performance I don't read reviews-or try NOT to. It is ONE PERSON'S POV. I tend to read too much into it(why was THAT adjective used for him and not for me?). It really is about telling the story. If the audience is moved by the story, then I have done my job!