Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Usual Suspects

Steven Dietz did an interview in which he explained that Private Eyes was originally conceived and written under the title The Usual Suspect. He wrote the play, had a staged reading of the script done, and then Christopher McQuarrie had a film script produced - the film called The Usual Suspects that came out and went on to be a big hit. Dietz decided to re-title his play.

It occurred to me recently that it's kind of funny as both stories are similar in that in both cases, the story being told isn't all that it seems. In The Usual Suspects the question is - Who is Keyser Soze? Have we met him? In Private Eyes, not all is as it seems. For example, in this photo, it looks like a fun party, right? There are sparkly hats!

You'll never expect how this party ends. It's fun.

How many of you figured out who Keyser Soze was in The Usual Suspects? I saw that film in theaters back in the day, and about 20 minutes in my friend leans over to me and says "I bet he did it" as a joke. He was right. I could have killed him, he ruined all the fun. We've been deliberately vague about Private Eyes so you can enjoy watching it unravel. But I will say this - pay attention. Some things are said for a reason.

See you at the theatre!

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